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Cloused Ecosystem Business Environment consists of 12 members #Ecoworld_city #Ecoworld_Technology #Ecoworld_Land #Ecoworld_Media #Ecoworld_Discovery #Ecoworld_Top #Ecoworld_Capital #Ecoworld_Business #Ecoworld_Investment #Ecoworld_Building #Ecoworld_Family and #EcoPoint ECOWORLD The closed ecosystems in the field of real estate - finance - technology WITH OBJECTIVE to bring technology closer to human life. Ecoworld creates products, services, and technology solutions to bring a Green - Clean - Nice environment to the community in smart technology cities of 4.0 citizens Head offices in Dubai, Singapore, Vietnam and other Asian countries in the near future. Strategy to build Ecoworld City in paradise lands such as Phu Quoc, Cebu, Bali, Dubai, Pataya, Genting, etc. ECOWORLD creates Super-Flat revolution - in connection with objects - the world - through virtual reality environment, apllication of AI, Internet of Thing, Blockchain into Real Estate - Finance - Technology application